Friday, September 9


1 year to this blog today.

no big deal, I guess, especially with the layoff for a couple of months when I moved countries. just thought I would note it.


worma said...

way to go dude. hope the weather holds up tmrow. big day

Popat said...

Tum Jiyo Hazaaron Saal, and all that!

Watching the rain pour down outside my window, and on the telly..Similar forecast for all day tmrw as well.

Doesnt look good (or unless you're a Pom: does it?).

Gameboys said...

and a pretty good year, too, AKR. Bat on (unless you bat like McGrath)!

Ashwin Ramachandran said...

Cool deal buddy! 1 year is awesome commitment. I thought I'll mark my 50th post when I get there because I usually have commitment problems. Now I just hope my wife doesn't read this :).

Gameboys said...

Ashwin, if you're already married, commitment isn't an issue anymore ;)

shakester said...

thanks everyone! hope I can really write more consistently from now on. this discipline ain't an easy thing, huh?

ashwin- on the other hand, too much commitment to the cricket blog might not go down too well with the wife either!:)

just finished 200 posts and desisted from noting it cause I thought it would have been a tad silly. i guess not!:)

ps- the poms are looking good, and I cant say I grudge them their luck!