Saturday, January 1

who is this guy anyway?

-A- (or 'shakester') is rather fickle and indecisive. He very often has ten things to write about, but eventually posts on an eleventh. He thinks a lot but rarely writes as much on the game he so loves.
He is also slightly schizo, as is evidenced in the other blogs he writes at. In one, he co-exists with his better half, D. There they write about their (now not so new) life in Singapore, food, beer, whisky, movies, books, the city they have moved to, and other miscellaneous ramblings and rants. In another, he writes on the places he wishes to travel to, the places he researches about and the places he (they) actually do visit (what he’s trying to say is, it’s a travel blog).
Shakester also has the ability to say in 20 words that he can say in 10. Erm, you might have glimpsed that in this paragraph.

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Samir Chopra said...

Shakester, I hope you are going to start blogging sometime soon :)