Saturday, January 22


Never a dull moment.
The Sena is already whining about Pakistan playing in Delhi (pray why are you only making a big deal of them playing in Delhi and not elsewhere?).
The PCB threatens legal action claiming the whole 'Pakistani cricketer raped an Australian' bit was the figment of some Aussie imagination.

Meanwhile, South Africa and England continue their good series. Already ( though I dont know what the South African press or public's take on this is), I believe South Africa have redeemed themselves much better than was expected of them. With rain playing spoilsport, a 2-1 scoreline won't be such a bad one, while 3-1 will be very disappointing yet not disastrous (though in keeping with what I predicted!)

Stephen Fleming- what happened to him??? I did not see the innings, but his thrashing of a bowling attack that included Warne and Murali sounds like an absolute stunner. What a pity it dos not have ODI status (and why should it). I guess this was not an ICC recognised XI, and that is meant to explain why it is not 'official'. Spare me...I just do not agree with this.

I do miss the surfeit of cricket on TV though- there is none here in Singapore, and though I work at ESPN StarSports now, weekends are still strangely empty.


ze rambler said...

Fleming's hitting was as clean as it can get - no slogging, just simple caressing of the ball into Row 27.

So you work for ESPN Star now - right where the action is. What is it you do - don't tell me you got sleected through Harsha Ki Khoj and will be presenting Sportcenter now!!!!!!!:-)

shakester said...

no dude
no Harsha ki Khoj stuff
am a Producer for what they call OnAir Promos...the stuff you see about events/shows/matches coming up etc...just got I am getting slowly but surely swamped...