Thursday, January 20


2pm, IST (but then...)
For all those unlikely souls in cyberspace who are still visiting this depressingly untouched blog, it is alive!
I am alive. Alive, and well, if a bit disoriented. The last few weeks have been times for major upheaval, which should explain the unexplained absence from the 'blogging scene'. I have missed writing on cricket, to be honest, but after the chaos that everyday has been, I just did not have the energy left to write anymore!
Now to the said chaos and upheaval: I now write this from a good 4000km away from my home of 26 years. I have moved to Singapore with work.
So: 4.30pm MyTime
Its been a crazy time, and lots of exciting things are in prospect, and in action already. I will not be with News (the most identifiable face of the channel) but will be handling Promos- and initially, I suspect they will be lots of cricket promos!
So thats been the craziness- moving countries is no small affair, and the hard work has only just begun.
Meanwhile, the Eng SA series has been great- far more riveting thatn I expected, though it always promised to be interesting. Only Pak-WI matches hold interest, and I missed the Akmal century. I was mighty impressed with the response and the organisation surrounding the Tsunami Appeal match in Melbourne, and singularly unimpressed with the decision to award it ODI status. Made no sense to me whatsoever. With many statisticians having refused to add these figures to their records, its all a mess right now.
The BCCI mess, meanwhile, is a bit better off than its woeful state in recent times. The President thing is sorted out (for now), but the telecast wrangle seems endless. The Board has finally fixed on venues for the Pakistan tour, and inevitably two are withink striking distance for me to have attended till only a couple of days ago!
Sigh...thats life.
On that note, I shall sign off. Enough faff for the first day at work; but I certainly hope there is some regularity that creeps back in to this blog- though I dont expect the frequency that feelancing allowed!

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