Wednesday, January 26

Back to cricket

Meanwhile The West Indies have just been bowled out, failing even to get the bonus point. At least the race for a place in the finals is really tight, with Pakistan just a couple of points ahead. There's just not stopping Australia though, is there. A couple of us were walking by the score in the morning (in office), and we noticed the Aussies was 38/4. Oh well, they're still going to win. It was hardly a thought that they might lose. Their ability to comeback from absolutely anything and anywhere is amazing.

Bangladesh has fought back in the series. It is still alive at 2-1 for the Zims, but it is true- their perfomances are not getting the sort of importance they deserve. Something you can't say about the English. Their hopes of winning their first Ashes in gazillion years are alive and well... at least in their minds. Stuey McGill has a good chance of making it there, it would seem- while he shall stay back at home for the series across the Tasman. I came across quite an interesting fact today- the only Test series win the Kiwis have against their neghbours- home or away- is in 89-90, and that too was a one-off! And they have not won against the Aussies for almost 13 years now.

I may have missed it, but the venues for the Ind-Pak series seem to have been finalised- for now, at least. Delhi loses yet another Test match because the Kotla ground is still not available. It was to be ready by April last year but, like I blogged earlier, the Delhi wise men seem to have other priorities. So another Test goes to Bangalore, not a happy hunting gound for India by any stretch. And a particularly acceptable one for Pakistan. Ahmedabad is not being highly reccommended to the PCB, so lets wait on that one too.

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