Tuesday, February 1

Constraint, Mr Lloyd

So Clive Lloyd seems to have got into a bit of trouble, shooting off his mouth the way he dud about the whole Michael Vaughan controversy. To be fair to him, there might well be truth in his allegations of Vaughan's rude behaviour; a claim that apparently does not go down too well with the writer of this report.
"Vaughan had been politely but openly criticial of their decision to go off for bad light. "
And just what exactly makes him so sure that Vaughan was polite?

However, Lloyd does seem to be a little churlish in these matters, and if it is not ok for players to clarify their positions on controversies in the media, then it is not ok for Referees to do so either. As usual, one has to wonder where the Code of Conduct is for match officials, given that Phe players' Code has been so detailed, and so hyped.
There was also this quote of Clive Lloyd's I saw just after Saurav Ganguly had been cleared of the ban imposed on him by the Referee. I remember wondering why this never got any coverage, but Lloyd made a public statement (at an unrelated -awards?-function, if I am not mistaken) saying
"This guy thinks he is above the law..."

Now why does Mr Lloyd have the freedom to say such things when a player cannot even celebrate without the umpire's consent?

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