Sunday, January 15

100 for the 7th wicket

From a startling 71/6, Australia have recovered to a (as yet still unimposing) 172/6.
What is head-shakingly amazing yet almost predictable in its uniqueness, is Australia's ability to not let a bad situation slide into abject despair. Bret Lee is on 44 of a mere 54 balls and with Huseey past his 50, they might actually not need to lose a bowler to accommodate Hopes the batsman, which seemed a virtual certainty when Clarke departed. Now I will be suprised if the bowlers don't make a match of it.

I have oft spoken about and discussed over work, lunch or beer what it is that drives the Australians thus. There may be temporary answers, but I rarely feel closer to actually understanding what lies behind their indomitable (and insatiable) spirit.

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