Wednesday, November 3

Sane(r) reads

There have (fortunately) been some attempts at sane criticism of the Indian performance, and quiet disapproval of the extreme reactions and condemnation by Indians in general. A lot like how I feel, and have mentioned earlier too.
It is the ultimate reactionary reaction to call for Saurav's head, or for Wright's. Instead, it is worthwhile to try and figure out how the very men who led the team to such dizzying heights have not been able to do so now.
And of course, it may just (may) do some good for the hollerers to question the vision and commitment, or lack of therof, of the BCCI.

Clearly, there should be no sacred cows and such professionals must be held to a high standard. Yet there is a difference between scrutiny and scorn, between criticism and cynicism.
-Rohit Brijnath

Criticism against the team has been manic and more often than not unjustified. Cricket appears a very easy game on a 20-inch screen with the countless slomo replays of every action. But contemporary India is as impatient with failure as it is extravagant in its praise and rewards for performers.
- Ayaz Memon

But in the long run, if our team has to become a world-beating one, we need vision and planning. But does the power-hungry BCCI have the inclination or the time
- Pradeep Magazine

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