Wednesday, November 3

T4 D1

Is anything going to change? We shall wait and see, because it is already 11/2.
Nice solid defence from SRT on his first ball, but he is, again, in too early. 4th over of the innings.
Sehwag was, as is his wont, rooted to the crease. Except this time his feet were too far away form where the ball was and the gate was a big one. Gambhir’s lbw was a good ball, good decision- and both the opening bowlers have the upper hand.

Now Sachin survives a run out. Just about, the ball hitting his bat on the way to the stumps. If it had hit, he would have been a gonner. Glad to see he saw the lighter side of it all…..
Ad break, and the pitch- nice and brown, I could almost see its tendency to be powdery soon enough…good signs. We finally won the toss, but what are we going to do with it?

Oh great- its raining again,though DD Sports didn’t exactly let us see it cause they returned from the ad break for about 5 seconds and jazzed off again.

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