Tuesday, April 12

non blogging blogger checks in

Work consumes much mind space, and considerable time as well.

The cricket world continues all around, with lots of batting exploits in India, some tight cricket down under-er, some very interesting cricket in the Caribbean that I do not have access to at all (visually), and another world cup final and Indian loss.

Jamshedpur has shamed me again- even if the stone throwing incident was isolated- for this series was always going to be about more than just hospitality in words. As soon as I heard that someone had thrown a stone, I fumed. After the Windies tour, I believed they should simply have been denied an international match for a few years. But these deplorable stadium conditions are yet another question mark for the richest Board around.
Osman Saimuddin writes an interesting piece as a cricket traveller here, though it is more as a traveller than a cricket journalist. But it is what makes cricket (and cricket tours) fascinating for me.
The Tendulkar- Wisden controversy seems really ridiculous, and unless I am totally lost, half the alleged statements have not even been made by Wisden. While Sambit Bal tries to make sense of it all here, there's another attacking and, might I add, biased piece here.

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