Monday, April 4


Net-less, cable cricket-less weekend, and I missed every ball of the India Pakistan ODI, Hinds and Chanderpauls' great performances, South Africa's shaky start to the series against a not so strong West Indian XI, which it would seem shall be back to full strength (though that has not been too effective off late), and missed the race even though I had the feed at home.

Ganguly jokes (mostly unfunny, few hilariously so) are the highlight of my inbox. Ganguly bashing has, of course, become some sort of a trend- as happens so often with praise, and especially criticism, in India. Trust Sambit Bal to come up with a more balanced (and respectful, I might add)
take on the issue.

I finally found out how (or rather, why)the Aussies score the
other way around. I had presumed it was the desire to be different and thumb it to the old country, but I guess not.
Another ill informed
American take on cricket here, resourcefully found by Mike here.

Both of which combine to remind me, I should find out how exactly they started calling it soccer.

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