Monday, December 19


It is after very long that I write here. But enough about that already. Suffice it to say that multiple blogs are hard to maintain- not to mention indulgent, ambitious and fun. If one did not have a job, one would write more.
Or would one…

It is also after very long that the Indian team is without both Dravid and Ganguly in this the third Test against Sri Lanka being played in Ahmedabad. ‘nuff said about Ganguly and his unceremonious exit, though- I only hope I don’t write on this topic because the melodrama takes another twist soon.
94 tests is a long time, and a lineup sans Dravid leaves me a little uncomfortable, and a tad wistful. In a few years time, after a couple of (dare I say it) retirements, things shall get very difficult indeed. I mean- I don’t know about the team, they’ll be difficult for me.

What a packed day, though. As Pathan follows up his excellent batting innings with a wicket, things are back to normal at Perth after South Africa threatened to take the Aussies to the brink in their backyard. Hodge and Hussey are having a rollicking time of it, and Clarke must wonder whatever happened to the Golden Boy Pup he had become. And an obviously (but unjustifiably) tiring (and depleted) English side are trying to restrict the Pakistanis and equalise a series.
What a day to return to cricket blogging. I only hope I stick around, because at the moment my brain is still somewhere in Delhi.
I, of course, am not.

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