Wednesday, December 21


so what is with people? if you spend the money to go watch a cricket match (and, I assume, the beer you consume there), why waste it if all you end up doing is this? Get a life. I suppose these are the people who have Lehmann posters up in their rooms.

Meanwhile, I don't quite get why Ganguly should be meeting with Pawar. It smacks of either political overtones, desperation, pettiness, or all of these- and I am not saying its one-sided either. If he makes it to Pakistan now, it will be seen as a tainted selection; if he is not picked in the playing XI (which he might not if this man has anything to say), there will be another uproar- treating a former captain with no respect by letting him (forcing him) to languish in the dressing room.

Sigh. The webs they weave...


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