Thursday, February 23


This gem from TheSpin's Quote of the week:

"I would not have Bangladesh and Zimbabwe playing Tests at present"

- Ricky Ponting, quoted in the Telegraph, on February 14

"If it takes teams like Australia playing teams like Bangladesh for the developing Test nations to improve their skills, then I'm all for it. I'm looking forward to the challenge of leading Australia in Bangladesh"

- Ricky Ponting two days later, after a quiet word from Cricket Australia

And while we're at Charlie Brown, what's with his steely graphite-al resolve to continue with his bat a bit more? Is it me, or isn't this just flagrant disregard?


worma said...

I'm sure if we notice the disregard, so would someone in ICC too. It might be so that the ICC has banned the bat but given him some time for changeover...

shakester said...

I suppose so. Am sure even he is not being that cocky.