Thursday, February 16

sane, superstitious, strange

Feels good to hear a sane and fair voice on Sachin. As always, Rohit Brijnath is a good read.

He does not ask for favours, but only to be accorded the same dignity he
has brought to the game. We need not swoon over him, neither must we revile him.
Tendulkar was always a reluctant God and perhaps it is just that we
have become impatient worshippers. His decline may eventually be more revealing
about us than about him.
and while on Sachin- this is quirky,interesting:
“I realised (Mahendra Singh) Dhoni was going great guns… I decided not to come
out of the shower thinking the momentum might just get lost. I asked Harbhajan
(Singh) to keep me updated on the score from outside.
“I must have had the longest shower of my life… It almost stretched to 40 minutes"
...while Judy here (from the surfer) does something odd but its all good for a scrapbook I suppose.

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