Thursday, December 21


Be the soap operatic, melodramatic bugger that you are, and say it was all wrong. You don;t mean to go out. Not just yet.
What do I watch when Australia plays now?


Salil said...

Tait, Johnson, Hussey and co. will still provide watchability.

Nobody though will provide the sort of entertainment Warne did. I had the privilege to see his final test in his home city (in fact just blogged about the Warne experience at the MCG here), and it was incredible. I've seen nothing like it before, and probably will never see such magic again. The brilliance, the craftiness, the wretched, cursed Poms falling one after the other to louder and louder cheers - just amazing.

Cricket's just become a lot more boring without the great man. Farewell Warney.

shakester said...

Gilly for me. And Hussey. Bowling one will have to wait and see.

I can't believe you were there! Lucky sod.