Wednesday, January 10


An interesting aside to the near- farcical Twenty20 match last night (or wait, were the asides more interesting than the match?) was Vaughan, Gilly and Ponting on the talkbacks with the commentators.
Or should I say Church instead of Gilly? I won’t, cause it sounds stupid, but its not his nickname because- as the Guardian mentions- the last part of his name is Christ. Chatting with the commentators while batting, he spoke of being approached for an autograph in his first Ashes series. He was with a couple of legends, and the kid said, “you’re Steve Waugh…you’re Glen Mcgrath…and you’re Adam Gilchurch”. Apparently it sorta stuck.

They also got Gilly to do a bit of a commentary stint while keeping, claiming he was interested in commentary. I have to say, he was pretty good, especially as he threw it to a break with “Australia right on top…”. Then again, I suppose anyone could say that these days without having any idea of the match state.

And oh, he also said, on that kid, “I hope he knows who I am now”. I am sure he does, Gilly, I am sure he does.

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Salil said...

Yep, a pretty good job on the commentary. Just irked me a bit when he was going on about how he appeals only when he knows it's out. If that's the case, I bet most batsmen will be hoping he doesn't become an umpire anytime after retiring.