Friday, January 12


Simon Wilde as the English supporter, mopes through this piece on Adelaide, and eloquently so.

It was sport as nightmare, the kind of ghastly dream in which you run naked
through your old school in search of the exam for which you have not prepared.
It was cricket as it might have been written by Kafka: a hideous punishment, as
unjust as it was incomprehensible, inflicted on people who had earned the right
to expect better things from life.
I empathise with him more than he would know. Except that while he is grappling with the novelty of this feeling, I have to deal with the familiarity of it.
- I’m an Indian fan, you see.

Elsewhere, some Aussies seem to have given up on the English t provide any real cricketing entertainment, so have taken it upon themselves. Um or should I say taken it off

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