Tuesday, September 14

Champions Trophy Day 5

Tony Greig(stadium): "Mundeera, do you have all your Net Run Rate calculations ready, (for the match between Pak and Kenya)?"
Mandira(studio) : " Tony, I wanted to ask you- how does one calculate Net Run Rate?"
If they want Mandira to ask the questions non cricket enthusiasts would ask (why would they ask?), they should at least ensure that her questions are taken seriosuly. The panelists usually smile (sometimes indulgently) and talk of something more sensible. Sigh, Mandira...

Ayaz Menon suggests that if the Ken-Pak match (now to be played tomorrow, hopefully) ends up being a 20 over game, Kenya could upset the Pakis. Sure, Ayaz.
Sri Lanka take on (or is that only 'show up against') Zimbabwe. Mark Nicholas confirms his faith in the latter's abilities: "If Zimbabwe could pick their 11 from any cricketer in the entire world, how low down the pecking order would (opener)Brendan Taylor be?...A club cricketer?"

Prem Panicker's big query is
"Can I wear my shoes to the match?"
The oddest things is why the hell is this not more of an issue?!

In India, the BCCI goes through a radical change. An era is coming to an end, with Dalmiya having to step down fom the President's post after 3 years running, as per the rules.
[Dalmiya: "Era? End? Sheesh, what children..."] Every problem has a simple
["Observe and learn, novices."]

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