Wednesday, September 29

Sports Body, or...?

16.15pm IST
The BCCI presidential elections have got some serious coverage- in all sections of the media. With the involvement of the Left, Soniaji and other miscellaneous Congress influences, it sounds like anything but an election in the premier sporting body in the country. There is no talk of any of the candidates' involvement with the game at any point in their lives, or with administering it. It is only about the numbers, the camps and the predictions. It's not a good feeling, this. At least Mahendra has been involved with running the game for 30 years. Pawar's been politicking, bickering, and generally looking corrupt.

oh, and also. The current selection committee's tenure is over tomorrow. So the team for the Test series, to be selected on Oct 2, will be handled by a new set of guys. At any rate, the BCCI did not think it relevant or necessary to send any of the selectors (or anyone) to watch the current match between India Seniors and India A. In which, of course, the Seniors have just gotten all out for 213. Oh boy. And I notice that Nehra retired hurt fromthe A side's batting and hasn't bowled. Here we go again. Zaheer and Pathan for the tests, I would think. Backed up by the spinners, but what about Karthik? And if the elections are postponed to tomorrow, as looks likely, then who will watch the Mumbai match with the Aussies? The selectors will walk in and pick a team that very day...?
Does no one think of all this?

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