Saturday, September 11

Champions Trophy kicks off

...and I had almost forgotten how infuriating, irritating and quite simply, bad, Mandira Bedi was. Time had actually softened my view of her. Alas, it was an illusion. She is back to haunt us. Do women actually tune in because of her? Do more men tune in beause of her? Is there perpetual sunshine in England? Is Australia on the decline?...

No balls called by the third umpire. It could, they say, take the slghtest advantage away from the batsman who will not be able to change his shot at the last moment. It could, also, cause the third umpire to slip into a coma as he stares at a monitor showing the locked side on camera on the popping crease for about600 deliveries.
But I have a thought. Its the last ball of the second innings. The batting side needs two runs to win. One wicket in hand. The batsman drops the ball, scampers for a run and is run out. A no ball is (belatedly) called. The batting team gets a run, but are all out and cannot face the extra ball, the match is tied. In the old scenario, they would not have risked the single- keeping, instead their last wicket intact to face the last ball with only one to get off it, and possibly won.

Am I missing somethng?

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