Monday, May 9

bravo, smith

The Smith- Bravo controversy is really threatening to get nasty (if it is not already).
Both Boards have backed their players in an issue that is supposed to have been resolved by the Match referee's hearing. Apprently not, for Smith has taken this allegation to heart, and is ready to make a fist of it. Which, somehow for me, is in keeping with his gritty, almost squabbly nature that I perceive.
I guess for Smith, where he is coming from, this sort of an allegation is not merely a question of his conduct but raises many more layers that would seem uncomfortable given the racial issue back home. So it is understandable that he get worked up, but as Will points out, why would these guys make up something like this? (well, that's one oway of saying I hope these guys are not making it up)

What I wonder is what he means by "he will take it further"...? Sounds nasty, but what does he plan to do, then?

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