Thursday, May 26

A Red Istanbul, indeed

I missed it, and it seems to have been one amazing match. If you have a final as big as the Champion’s League that features 6 goals, you know it must have been unbelievable. When you know that the 6 goals did not separate the two teams, and penalties decided the day, you cam imagine the drama. When you see that one team lagged 3-zip at half time, you know you should have stayed up at night.
This is one of those areas where I invariably enjoy the pleasures of neutrality. Ok, so I had a soft spot for Liverpool going into the finals, but not enough to sit up and watch the match into the wee hours. AS it turns out, I really should have. Now I must await the replays. To see Maldini (53seconds???!)and Crespo score; Gerard, Smicer and XabiAlonso script a stunning comeback, and then see Milan crumble under the pressure of penalties.

Bah to Wenger, Ferguson, even Mourinho. Benitez is the man.

ps-It is a system I cannot claim to know the intricacies of, but a setup that does not allow champions to defend their crown is surely a flawed one. I thought the shouting about Liverpool's title defence before the finals was a bit prematurem, but surely this win should prompt a rethink.
While the FA ruled themselves out of salvaging the situation a while back, there are still calls galore for a review of the rules, and hope for Liverpool yet.


ze rambler said...

Sad but true, I sat up until 1 PM, waiting for my friendly neighbourhood cableman to restore connectivity that had disappearerd in the wailing winds and rain that struck Bangalore yesterday. All to no avail, and looks like I missed a thriller!

shakester said...

you mean 1AM, right?
well for me I would have to wake at 2.30am for it so it never happened. just saw the whole replay though. staggering stuff.

shakester said...

I heard the storms in B'lore are pretty crazy these days. 100 trees down, people die(?)..
love bangalore rain...

ze rambler said...

Yes 1 AM. Saw the reply yesterday - cool stuff. The storms are unbelievable - today was hailstorm day, waist deep water on the roads, traffic chaotic - good fun!