Friday, May 20

coaching a decision

In a few hours the Committee that ‘interviewed’ the candidates hoping to be India’s next cricket coach are expected to make an announcement. It has clearly and conveniently been stated that the announcement will be merely that-an announcement; it is hoping for way too much to expect anything conclusive to be revealed. Rediff, though, seems to be a little more optimistic. In the same breath that they say June 15 is the deadline, they say the coach may be named today. The BCCI as I know it will announce the coach just before a good night’s sleep on June 15. If not later. (If I have to eat these words, I am perfectly fine and hungry)

Cricinfo’s account of things (the only report I have read thus far) paints a helplessly predictable picture. Delays in the process. One candidate spending about three times the amount of time he was allotted, and another being rushed due to prior appointments (with the PM, no less- mostly about tax exemptions for the Champions Trophy, amongst other things, I am sure. Of course, The Honourable Shri Dalmiyaji was present not only at the interviewing process but was accompanying Ranbir Mahendra to the PMO. Or is Mahendra the one who was tagging along?)

Jimmy Amarnath has been, quite frankly, a bit of a pain in recent times. One had just begun recovering from his singing exploits on Fourth Umpire last month, and now he’s been cooing inanities on the coaching issue- the use of Fair&Lovely to enhance his coachin“I don’t have a laptop, but I have a lap”, and clichés about an Indian coach for the Indian team. Before I sound completely prejudiced, I do not dislike the guy. But really, there is nothing much to suggest (scroll down to the bottom) that he makes good coach material; and the noises in favour of him (made mostly by himself) are sadly for
the wrong reasons. As is the biggest pull for haynes- the fact that he knows the West Indies, and we play the next World Cup there. Er- what about Tests, then?

What's interesting is how both sides of the process d the contenders) state that money is not a concern. If that is true, hallelujah for passionate cricket Boards and coaches. (hmmm, why am I not convinced...)
I guess Chappell seems the most likely to get it, though I wouldn't bet my money on anything here. Something in my gut says Moody would do a good job, and is more likely to instill the attitude and professionalism that is the Australian Way, but then- what do I know.

-If yesterday was anything to go by, don’t be surprised if the decision is made an hour or so late on account of faulty air conditioning or something.
-and how come
Sri Lanka is waiting for India to complete their process before fixing on their coach?

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