Tuesday, February 20


Another unbelievable match comes to an end. Not only was it an entertaining and bloody exciting game, the contextmade the Kiwi chase one of the best. Coming from 40/4 to chase down 347 is really special.
Sure, there will be those who say this Aussie unit did not have Ponting, Gilly, Lee and Symonds and Mcgrath, but the Kiwis played without Vettori, Bond and Oram as well. Though once you set a target of 347 and have bowlers from your World Cup 15 defending it, there's no way you can use that excuse.
Whats worse- hayden seems to have broken his toe. With Symonds looking dodgy (and on his return, who can be sure of his ability to bowl and throw from the deep), Lee with an ankle injury that doesn't look good at all, and now Hayden's worry, things are looking a little anxious for Australia. The side that always had enough bench strength to cover most eventualities, suddenly isn't so sure of that.
I felt for Huseey though- what an induction as skipper- a whitewash to the neighbours. Ouch.


Anonymous said...

good to see the cricket side of the blog back again !

See that the bookies opening odds for the wc are 2-1 oz favs! ... 9-1 nzd, and 10-1 pak (the least favoured of all frontrunners) with india and a bunch of thers at 7-1?



shakester said...

hey sfx, thanks.
Yeah saw the odds, though the ones I saw i think had Pakistan rated better than the ones you mention. better than india, methinks.
not that I am a betting man.
what will be the worst for the WC is to have Aus bounce back with a vengeance! (though admittedly they have much less time, and a few injuries, to do so)