Thursday, February 22


Hussey on their losses, from Cricinfo quotes:

"I actually don't think we did too badly with the ball and in the field."

...and, from HT cricket:

Australian captain Michael Hussey has said Australia's drubbing at the hands of New Zealand was due to bowlers' failing to make breakthrough and not because of excess workload.



Caro said...

Was that before or after the ACA got to him? Wss he speaking as captain, as cricketer or as mere mortal? Because I also heard him way he was personally exhausted and looking forward to a week off.
(mind you, he also said that about four weeks ago, after the Ashes)

shakester said...

I know what you mean, these statements can so often be so insipid.
As for exhaustion, I dont really buyt it, esp for the chappell hadlee series. too many of them should have been dying to play for Australia against NZ.