Monday, February 26

discount? absolutely.

Starhub is the local cable service. Those of us crazy enough to do so, pay a sizeable S$26/month to watch cricket on the so-called Cricket Channel, which basically obtains the feeds of different rights holders and shows us a lot of matches from around the world. So one was waiting to see if their World Cup coverage would be priced, as some expected, extortionately.

Now some points about this:

- The mailer loudly shouted “Who will be the champion batting team of the world?” (er, its cricket, not The Batting Game.)
- The World cup would be available on two PPV channels for a cool S$100 for all the matches. “Not too bad”, one thinks. After all, 2 months of the Cricket channel would be $52, so this was basically double. Also:
- Current 'cricket channel' subscribers would get a 30% discount. Which means I would pay only $70, not much more than the usual amount I fork out.

- When I called, I was told that I would be given the 30% discount only if I continued my subscription to the Cricket Channel during the World Cup.
“But there will be no cricket on the cricket channel during that time”, I protested.
“I’m sorry sir, then you can take the World Cup PPV for 100, like any other customer.”
It failed to make a difference to them that their ‘discount’, would make me effectively pay about 125 during the WC. So I, as a ‘faithful cricket subscriber’ would be paying more than the average Joe, Jatin or Jhoolan.
- To cut a long- and infuriating- story short, I asked to be called back by a manager or something. To be fair, they were prompt enough to do so in a few hours, and offered me, instead, a 15% discount. So I am now paying 85. But, I politely told them they are misleading and misinforming their customers.
“yes, sir, I understand where you are coming from… but that’s all I can offer.”

And to think, these matches will run broadly from 9pm to 6am our time! How much will one be able to see? What about work???

add: apparently there's also a complaint letter in Monday's Straits Times in the Forum section. Lets wait and see if that yields anything.

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