Tuesday, July 12

Final ODI

So there you go- the toss is done, and the Aussies have put England in on what seems a pretty good track to bat on. Botham and Lehmann were talking of 260-70, even 290 as being par for the course.
Again, the team winning the toss is the only one can that can hope to exploit the advantage that the Super Sub rule offers. Till a couple of weeks ago, Australia would surely have batted first on this track, but with Hayden in and Katich as an extra batsman, they would back themselves to chase even a biggish total.
England, on the other hand, will not only miss out on exploiting the new rule, but in this case hope they don't have to use it- Solanki can only come in here if England find themselves ina tight spot. Skewed rule, this.

and ol' Shep goes " Right gentlemen, play!". It is underway.


Scott said...

And with Gilchrist in that sort of form, even 290 wouldn't have been enough for England.

Bowled Warney said...

Now that the one dayers are out of the way and normality has been restored to the cricket world order, I can't wait for the ashes to start, I reckon the past couple of games have knocked the confidence right out of England, and I predict a 3-1 drubbing.

akr said...

scott, I agree. It was fantastic to see Gilchrist. Though the result was a foregone conclusion and my eyes were heavy with sleep, I waited to see him get his hundred. It was worth the wait- he was absolutely over the moon.

isn't everyone just waiting for this to start, barro. Sure, Australia has had much the better from this little challenge stuff.

Lets get some predictions in then. Think I will put up a poll.