Monday, July 25


'If they can't send over a better side than this there's not much point in the Ashes.'
'Send them home.'
'Maybe their women's team would like a game.'
And these were not said about England:)
This and much more in a great piece on the off-field goings-on at Lord’s in The Observer.
Propriety takes a bit of a hit, though, when the Grace Gate opens at 8.30am.
This is the signal for the poshest land-rush in sport, as the spectators walk
briskly through, ties flapping around the collars of cream jackets, each member
keen not to look too desperate in the scramble for a seat. In the middle of the
Tavern Stand throng, cheers greet the popping of the first Champagne cork. It is
Then there is this about, sport...Oh just go read it.
The Australians never really cottoned on to the idea that sport was a way in
which gentlemen amused themselves. They had this crazy idea that it was serious.
Refreshing to read, in the midst of all the joyous and/or dismal writings on the first Test.

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