Wednesday, July 27

money spun out

Should I feel guilty for having a slightly smug feeling passing through me as I read this?


Ashwin Ramachandran said...

You have the ICC Superseries, you have a packed schedule for all the teams. And yet Big Daddy (read:Dalmiya) wants to flex his muscles and create his own moeny spinner in the name of "promoting the game". The slap on the face is that most of the countries have given their players the option to skip the game. Unfortunately the Indian players have no such option 'coz it's Big Daddy's backyard and he ain't taking no for an answer.

Even funnier is David Morgan talking directly to Dalmiya about the England's 2006 India tour. Dalmiya is not even a member of the BCCI board. But I guess even Morgan knows who calls the shots.

shakester said...

we think alike on this one , ashwin- dalmiya has done much good but is too loathe to relinquish his power. I am just glad the farce of these "ODIs" is not getting too much attention.

worma said...

Well atleast the ICC superseries makes sense since it has a logic behind it. That of testing out the worlds best team against the best of rest. Now this Afro-Asian thingy is just a khichdi of available cricketing names playing each other to prove what ?

I hope this thing dies a horrible death. It was a creation of Dalmiya (whom I dont hate as much as most of our media, and agree with Akr that he had done good work as well) to show that he is th chairman of a council which can do something more related to cricket than just few businessmen meeting in hotel rooms.

Even the Asian cricket council is becoming a farce, with just the Asia cup to hold it together. The Asian test championship was launched by Dalmiya for the same reasons, and thankfully got killed (although it was still more purposeful than this afro-asian rubbish)

akr said...

quite so.
the Asian test Championship was at least a worthwhile experiment. This smacks of shallow motives, and i hope there are very few people out there who think otherwise