Saturday, July 2

the Final

>48 reqd off 42. I cannot believe I am not watching this. damn.

24/4. The great hope, KP, has departed. The only hero of the last Ashes, Vaughan, has departed. The openers have gone. All without a whimper. If the summer was due to really start today, England might just be wishing it had not. Sub 200 was not the Australia we know. But this is.

183 for 9. England better not lose it from here. Either way, Australia are in some trouble.

> This is unbelievable stuff. Left work at 50 off for 1, came back to 5 down. Proceeded to see the better part of 28 dot balls that included a wicket. 28. That is the most un-Australian thing I have seen in a long time. (besides that match a couple of saturdays ago).

> There you go. England have won the toss and invited Australia to bat first. Overhead conditions, the pitch being covered...everything indicates that Australia could have a tought time if it batting.

If England needed a chance to win this final, they just got it.
(and I think I might be missing chunks of the mtach...ouch)

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