Wednesday, March 30

Aussie teachers

After another hopelessly overpowering series win, Stephen Fleming doffed his hat to the Aussies, and said they were just too good.

Ponting (at the presentation) said they "had fun", and (to the Kiwis) "...hope you learnt something..."

What attitude. What confidence. What arrogance.
Well, he can afford it all.

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worma said...

Its a sorry site to see Fleming having to take such big brother attitude from Ponting. He was such a good cricketer, and on the right path...that Aus tour where he scared Waugh's great team !!

I haven't followed closely, but it seems like Fleming is not able to follow his own mind entirely. He isnt given the control as much as he deserves.....its a pity

Of course the injuries to NZ players is not helping ! I dont even remember when did they last have a full fit team !