Tuesday, March 8

A new experience

And here it is. The first time I am following an Indian series from overseas. Its not too bad right now, come to think of it- I guess cause I have a feed of DD Sports running in the office!
What I have missed till now is the build up, the hype, the tension, the tons of media discussion that would happen had I been back in India. But,
it would seem, I am not missing too much on that front.

I find it surprising that there is less hype around this series. Naturally, once last year's tour had been built up the way it had, it was always going to be difficult to call this, say, a a Friendship tour and expect the same effect.
I wonder what sort of time the Pakistani fans are having of it, across the border in India. It is something I have
thought about often, and I would really like to know what the scene is like out there.
It has been different, moving abroad. In some ways I follow cricket the same way I did back home. It is the small things that I realise I am missin gout on. I still have the absolutely great resources of Cricinfo to check out, but it is odd not waking up to the SportsPage. But, today feels good. there is a buzz around the Indians in office, and though there are TVs all over, I cant wait for the one above my desk to finally be plugged in!

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