Thursday, March 10

during session 1
Century #9. to go with 8 fifties and an average of 53-odd after 32 Tests. Who would have thought, this seemingly slam-bang impulsive stroke player would be the success he is and the run machine he seriosuly threatens to be in the long(er) term. He has stated his mind is set on batting through the day, and looks good. I can hear Sanja Manjrekar saying "what does Sehwag mean by a big one after all", and going on about Sehwag. Remember, he is the best Mozzie this side of Australia.

yeow. The umpires just took 6-7 mminutes to figure what ball to replace the old shapeless one with. It was alike a group gathering out there. DD of course grabbed the opportunity to mollify their sponsors for the ads they cut with a lot of ads here.