Wednesday, March 23

Returning, and captaincy

Wanting to write is the easiest thing.
Writing often is easily addictive, sometimes.
But losing the writing habit is the easiest thing.

Haven't been writing much off late. I guess work is a good excuse, and a valid one. New country, new home, new work, no Net at home...these would work well too.
But laziness still figures somewhere in that list.

Been catching up on some readin today, though.
What is said here about Sauravda I somehow know in my heart is largely true. And while it does not blacken his slate completely, he cannot be an innocent bystander in the process of such warped journalism, if at all it can be called that. I believed that he would lose the captaincy if we lost the series, but his place seems assured for now. How long he can maintain his place on captaincy alone remains to be seen, with batting talent waiting on the sidelines and potential captaincy talent right by his side. His confidence is brimming over though, and he doesn't believe that his batting is as woeful as some people would like to believe. Well then, neither is Laxman's...

Meanwhile, I still enjoy India beating Pakistan. I do hope we can make it a 2-0 series win though- 1-0 or worse still 1-1 would just not seem acceptable for this team.

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