Friday, March 18

Two teams

Two teams with batting lineups that are managing to pull off some good scores. Two teams that are not bowling anywhere near as well as they would like to.
India has a decidedly better attack on paper, but they haven't been able to bowl as effectively as they would like. Without looking hopeless, they have made hardly a dent on the Pakistani battibg.

Again, the Indian batting is expected to perform, and it has been (more or less). Whats changed the mood of the series around is the fact that pakistan have seemed ready to show up at the crease, and make a difference. After their dismal (and quite spineless)batting Down Under, this is the biggest surprise, and one thatis at the crux of this series becoming closely fought. Day 3 coming up, and the Pakistanis could find themselves in agreat position if they manage to continue yesterday's batting form.


Scott said...

Gee, you weren't paying a lot of attention in Australia.

There was one bad day in Perth; the rest of the time, Pakistan were quite dogged, and it required some excellent bowling by the Australians to bring them down.

And especially since they rid themselves of the Showboat, there's been some real unity in the Pakistani team. I've been impressed by the doggedness that Pakistan have shown in India. India should still win the series, but who were you kidding when you thought it would be easy?


Scott Wickstein

shakester said...

Did not think this was going to be an easy series, mate. An India Pak one never is, can hardly be.
As for their doggedness in Australia, it did not really count for much now did it? They are managing to keep themselves in the game here through their resilience, and that is proving to be the difference between them being (perceived) pushovers and putting up a fight.