Friday, March 11

If all encouragement forced in a result...

So. 200 odd run lead, and we're all out. I learnt, depressingly, last night of Tendulkar's dismissal. 6 short of a hundred. Painful. Very painful.
Here we are then. 1st test. Day 4. Pakistan has 5 and a bit sessions to bat out or less to hammer out some (lots of runs) and challenege India. Doesn't look likely though. Rameez Raja has already declared that a draw for Pakistan from here would be like winning the test. Huh? and the scorecard would read what exactly then?

But admittedly, losing from here should really not be an option for India. Go Balaji!
-and as I wrote that, believe it or not, he got Taufeeq Umar in his first over!

and thats 13/3 , and a few moments after that, 25/3. Exhilirating stuff.

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