Wednesday, August 3


been off the radar for a while, and am afraid it might contnue to be a little like that. India have just won the toss and opted to bat in the 4th ODI, and I have seen nothing of the series till now. Not a look at Raina and Rao, nor at this West Indies team, which seem to have plummeted after a surprisingly refreshing start in the test series. Jayasuriya is lucky, after his brave but risky effort in the first ODI. I just heard Murali and Jayasuriya are not playing, so thats good for India, I suppose.

Meanwhile, Ganguly is back in today's match and is probably the most curious facet to the match. He also seems alternatively peeved and furious with the selection for the Afro Asian ODIs, where he has been ignored. I don't think he needs to be taken just because he has scored nearly 10,000 runs, and instinctively I would think he may not make an Asian XI. Yet, to see people like Shoaib- who is exciting but could not have possibly been picked on 'form'- is an indicator that the selection has gone more for exciting or popular players rather than only those who have performed.

Yuvraj is not playing. hmmm. Well here they go. Ashwin has had some good liveblogging going for these matches...


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