Monday, August 29


aargh. No time to blog. What a match yesterday!
I thought Geraint Jones may just have ensured his public lynching but he now has Hoggard and Giles to thank. Warne and Lee- champion efforts from them. I hope Simon Jones recovers- it will be the first time all 5 Tests of an Ashes series have seen an unchanged English side since 1884-85! And, ideally, Pidgeon should be back as well- so everyone can give it all they've got. Its an Ashes beginning for so many people in the English side, but an end for many in the Aussie team...

And the session count is looking like a complete massacre. Who would've thought.

Meanwhile Ganguly wants the batsmen to perform. Watch out, a formidable Zimbabwean attack awaits...And uh, who plans this stuff anyway?


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Eh? Prempanix Vers. 2.0? I like.


shakester said...

um, thanks JAP, but...uh, really?. The PremScreen floats high above, crowded with frequent fliers....:)
thankee anyway

Popat said...

AKR, Did you miss the match yday (due to WOMAD induced hangovers or otherwise)?

Was quite looking fwd to yr "regular update thing" during the day, though the time difference probably makes it a little harder, no?

akr said...

nah. the comments missile thing for the ashes is far better over at Will's. Its a veritable carnival there. But yesterday I was first cooking and then too engrossed to come to the comp and write (no laptop, so have to shuttle between rooms)