Thursday, August 11

Old Trafford

The third test is due to start in moments. Unfortunately, the only thing that keeps coming to mind is that how can we be anything but a tad let down. After Tests 1 & 2, how can anything match up to those thrills?
Then I think- maybe nothing can. But maybe nothing needs to. For that is the beauty of test cricket- maybe they will play sober, unfrenzied, dare I say, normal cricket- and we will still be fascinated, won’t we. I can only hope the tussle goes on, the fight is till the brilliant mixture of a street scrap and a polished contest.

McGrath is running around the pitch, bowling, even, and they seem hopeful. I have my doubts, but that’s not based on anything as such. Lee being back is great of course, without the both of them it might have been too much of a blow. With the both of them, it might be too much of a blow as well, but for the other side.

The calls everywhere have been for more ‘sane’ cricket, and that would seem logical. Neither team played conventional test cricket at Edgbaston, and that will be the most important thing for them to address. Of course, there will now be the fear of playing conventionally, carefully, and having the other side ambush you with an approach similar to the last match. And in doing so, take the game away in the matter of a couple of session, even a single one. Yet, I don’t believe either team should be (will be?) foolhardy enough to throw caution to the winds again. The Flintoffs, KPs and Gilchrists should play as is their wont- nothing changes there. It is the Haydens, Clarkes, Strausses (or “Straussy”, as Warne would say). The Vaughans, Martyns and Bells that need to get their act together.
Either way, it is another cracker in prospect in a series that hasd already surpassed my expectations.

And that’s the toss- England bat, and they will face Lee and Mcgrath.


Popat said...


With the benefit of Johnny Hindsight egging me on, I can safely mock your opening spell, AKR: "After Tests 1 & 2, how can anything match up to those thrills?"

I think it did. And how.

shakester said...

oh yes it did. If one has to eat one's words for this sort of a thing, pile up ther plate!