Friday, August 26

Trent Bridge- Day 1

Day 1 of the fourth test might have ended with England only just taking honours (and not as many of them as they looked set to), but that’s really not the point. For me, this day was all about something else. Not something we have seen for the first time this series, but something we have not seen in so consistent a manner- a lacklustre Australian side. The body language seemed low on energy, no-balls came in giant Christmas socks for the English, catches were dropped, and it was a bit of luck that saw them end the day having really lost only the one session, in my opinion.

Will England win the Ashes? Who knows, given that they have to bugger-all win both matches from here. But a drawn series here will be one that Australia will walk away from with much the heavier hearts than England. In that old inexplicable and sometimes silly phrase- a draw would almost be a ‘moral victory’ for England, and a would feel like escape for Australia- for they look much the less inspired team. Irrespective of how this series ends and where that little urn goes (or stays), Cricket Australia must be worrying.

If they aren’t, they should be.

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