Monday, August 29

Ind v Zim

Ok. so we finish with 226. Just explain to me why Agarkar came up before Pathan and JPY for the last 2 balls. I mean, I know he is the most promisign allrounder and all that, but....sheesh
226/5. End of innings.

So Dhoni has let loose a fair bit, reaching to 55 off 41 with one lost ball. If only he could have Ok.
gone nuts a little earlier, my stake in the office kitty would have a better chance. ah, well. Just thram them, that's all I ask. Next post much later. leave office. cook. guests for dinner.
217/4.49 overs.

"Its obvious Dhoni has been given a mandate" says Harsha, "to go out there and hit". And follows it up with the obvious- "which begs the question, what was the mandate given to the first four batsmen?" "they're expecrienced, Harsha" replies Sunny. Right, but its just a question of when they plan to show that. Yuvraj, for example has scored 20 off 49.
163/4. 43rd over.

Its been a lethargic afternnon in Harare. The Indian National team- playing what has varyingly unofficially been described as second string, third string, B-team, and youth team of Zimbabwe- has struggled to gather any momentum whatsoever. Dravid's stumps were cleaned up by a fastish delivery from Prosper Utseya (don;t you just love that name- Prosper? Though why Ravi Shastri keeps calling him Prosper 'professor' Utseya, I haven;t the foggiest). Then Kaif, who took a presposterous number of balls-122- to make a half decent score-65- threw it away with a soft dismissal to an albeit excellent catch. Yuvraj has looked suitably lacklustre and undependable, while Dhoni has only just opened up with two rollicking shots to the long on area. Its into the final 10 overs, and the score is disheartening.
152/4. 41overs (41!).

So I can't be doing the regular update thing for this match. But what can I say when the SCG fellow is out to a medium paced short ball from someone called Andrew Ireland? A long vociferous supporter of dada, I find myself helpless against the belief that his time is nigh. But more on that later.

India lost the toss. Super sub out of the window. heck, should that even matter against this Zimbabwe side? You;d think not, right? Except the team is at 68/2 after a staggering 19 overs. Power pLays wasted. Sehwag's ill, so that's a good think- Rao gets a chance at the top. Only he gets another duck. Great ball, though (following up the corker he received from Bond the other day).
Actually, the way Kaif has been playong (and given Dravid's tendency to accumulation), the power plays ending might be a good thing- more singles, more runs. I've got a couple of notes riding on the Indian total- I said 252-, so guys, er...wake up.

72/2. 20 overs.


ze rambler said...

Dravid gone - with it the 250 as well?

Popat said...

112-3 in 31.

But honestly, after the exhilirating level of Cricket (capital C) we witnessed yesterday, can anyone honestly be bothered with this tripe?

ze rambler said...

Tripe or not, this is our national team playing. Things are a bit sad at the moment, but we will be fair weather fans if we don't back these guys at this juncture. It may seem hopeless, but remember, a couple of good wins, and we will all be going ga ga about Chappell, Ganguly, Rahul, etc etc.

Face it, this team still controls a lot of our bloody emotions. It does matter!

akr said...

there you go. a facile victory, but you'd expect no less. I think the tripe is more the fact that these Zim related matches are deathly one-sided, ze rambler, than that we are playing badly (which we are, by the way). more on that later. For now, some good bowling-again- and Pathan manages a fivfer. I still am unaffected by Agarkar's four, though...