Wednesday, August 31

not so (sub)tle

The Urn is not in a Pratt’s hands. Nor residing in a Fletcher smile, and definitely not in a Vaughan fist-pump. It is uncomfortably twitching between Aussie fingers, unsure of its fate, but preparing for some travel, Similarly, no smiles, taunts or rule-stretches are going to put it on a boat to the mother country- that ticket will be issued by two teams- one reluctantly , the other gleefully.

So why Ricky Ponting chooses now to let loose his deepest feelings about fielding substitutes might be open to debate, but is not much of a mystery to me. It serves little purpose at this juncture, but does reflect one thing- this captain, even this team, is rattled. Other words come to mind. Frustration. Haplessness. Cribbing. Venting.

Of course, I don’t say this because of the subs-issue; that itself is a sub-issue. It is a symptom, not a cause. Lets not worry- at this point- whether he is justified or not. Sure, bowlers going off at will for so-called nature calls is really a bit much, and Fletcher and Vaughan could do better to explain their subbing system (how, I don’t know, because the objective seems clear and only the most creative of excuses could convince most of us otherwise). So let that debate be. I just believe that this is hardly the time to get so touchy about it, irrespective of how long it has been troubling you. Surely there are more pressing matters at hand, ol’ chap- like a test match it is imperative for you to win. Is a sub is going to snatch that urn from under ya nose?
No, I thought not. So think about those who could mate, ‘cause it’s all ready to happen.

(like someone in office said- Warne and Mcgrath couod have their own team meeting and say- ok its you ‘n’ me mate, we gotta keep these burnt bails with us, awright?)

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