Monday, March 19


Freddie Flintoff is fined, stripped of his vice captaincy and dropped from the playing XI against Canada. All for having one too many drinks for a few too many hours.

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Contrasting reactions from (I paraphrase)
Nasser Hussain- “Well done to the Engliand management to show that even your best players have to abide by the rules of discipline”,
and Mr Botham- “Some people react to a loss by going to their rooms by 9.30pm, other need to go have a beer. I don’t think there’s anything wrong n what he’s done, the only mistake he made was …- getting caught.”
What do you say to that?!


Anonymous said...

After being the Capt that disgracefully lost the Ashes 5-0, why not celebrate till the sun comes up, because we beat future powerhouses Canada !! , Kelvin, Leamington-on-Spa

shakester said...

he :)
i think the whole captaincy thing was too much. here's aguy who needs to be himself, enjoy himself and play with joy....captyaincy burdens him...musty have been drinking thinking" phew, thank god I wasnt skippering that defeat as well"