Tuesday, March 20

what a pass

! moment: We here have decided to try and jot down moments we see during this wonderful tournament. Here's another one.

Vusi Sibanda's catch yesterday. Gayle nicks it, it takes a deflection from Taylor , just as Sibanda at first slip is moving to his right. The keeper gets a hand, it shoots towards Sibanda's left and he catches in an very unlikely direction shift of his body. An assist from Taylor, Michael Holding called it- hardly, its lucky they got it. It happened in the match against Ireland too, but this was a mite more...watchable.

Also, anyone see the 3rd umpire referral from Aleem Dar during the Indian innings yesterday? A stumping appeal was sent up to the 3rd umpire despite it being a called no ball by the umpire. Yes, you can't be stumped off a no-ball, so, er... why the referral? We is bemused.

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