Tuesday, March 20


!moment :
Dwayne Leverock, the most recognisable cricketer not previously recognisable to anyone except anyone, pulls of a stunner at slip. His giant frame somehow initiates bullet-time, and with great visions of Neo floating in his mind, he latches onto a ball his considerable frame would not have thought possible. But the true cinematic performance comes after, when the policeman's emotions overflow, where all that usually spreads is his body mass. He runs this way, then that. He wards off team mates with a style footballers would be proud of. He blows kisses to his adoring fans, knowing he might just have had the best moment in his international sporting career, ever.

Meanwhile, a 17 year old kid who just got a wicket off his forst ball of the match, sheds a few tears. The team smothers him, celebrating more like they had just taken the 10th wicket for 100 than the first for 5. But hey, who can grudge them that. Here's another thing to learn from the associates- unabashed joy in the game.

addendum: and here it is:


Homer said...

beautifully expressed Shakester - simply Marvelous!!!

Rajaram S said...

If someone needed an example to show that one should enjoy the game, then this scene is the one to show. They might not win a match, they might not even come close, but they cherish every moment! Hats off to them.