Tuesday, March 20

more lessons on fandom

Anyone saw this banner at the ground yesterday, held by one of those cherishing, and much cherished; lovable, and loving fans of the Indian team?

"Last warning to Team India: Reach Barbados or stay forever in Trinidad."

Who are you, and who are you to issue a 'warning', and why should you, with such a mature viewpoint, even matter? But that's just me, and I don't matter either- I'm just another insignificant fan. Might I make a teeny weeny request though? Could said invaluable 'supporter' kindly find his abode in some obscure part of the world, thank you. Much obliged.


Homer said...

Excellent post Shakester.

If I recall correctly, The banner was shown on TV at th start of the Indian innings and the commentators on air at that time commented on the insensitivity of carrying such a banner at such a poignant time.

The banner was displayed again at around the end of the first over, and then again when Sehwag was about to take strike.

So the question is - yes the guy who brought the banner in should feel ashamed - but what about the telecast itself?

Showing that banner once to make a point - accepted. But why keep showing it over and over?

If the producer or whoever was driving the coverage wanted fillers or visuals, there were enuf people ready to wave their ands and strut their stuff when the camera pans on them.

So why not choose that option?

Couple of points here

1. By giving that banner disproportionate airtime, isnt the message being sent that provocative banners like these will get the "fan" their 15 minutes of fame? Isnt the media tacitly encouraging this behavior?

2. By flashing that banner again before Sehwag took guard- what is the message being sent? It does not take a rocket scientist to work that out does it?
So why is the media getting a free pass when it is acting as an agent provocateur.

Funny thing is- the banner never showed up on our TV screens after India had posted 413.

Did that banner really deserve being on our TV sets in the first pace?

shakester said...

:) I see you are quite focussed on this topic, homer.

I know for a fact I saw the banner only once. I assume you are getting a feed that is without breaks/ads. Most of the world, (unfortunately) will be watching it with ads, so the repeat shots of the banner are unlikely to have been seen my most viewers.

I think your view of the role of media is a bit too idealistic. A broadcaster showing such banners, for me, is not irresponsible.