Sunday, March 18

Oh, no...

A bunch of teenagers hammer India. For the proverbial Martian watching this, it would have seemed Bangladesh are the cricketing giants and India the almost-minnows. Despite some of the utterly hopeless performances dished out by India, I couldn’t help but be stunned at the way Bangladeshis turned up. A Spring in their step, aggressions and attitude brimming over, self belief in every action.

You’d think also that 190 was one of those clich├ęd neither here nor there scores, that on not-the-best of batting pitches would be a tricky task for a team that’s hardly won anything at a World Cup before. You’d be wrong, as most of us were. Tamim Iqbal looked at first (at least to me admittedly biased eyes) to be trying a little too much, and stuff beyond his depth. Soon he had the Indian bowlers not only on the backfoot, but tripping over themselves. Then Mushfiqur Rahim played with a panache almost unknown to any of his more ‘illustrious’ Indian counterparts today.

Eventually though, it was less about our bowling, a bit about how the top 4 flopped, but mostly about how unforgivable (and unfathomable) losing 5 wickets for 2 runs was. 157 for 4 to 159 for 9- I’m still reeling from that.

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Comfortablynumb said...

It was one of those days where the Indian team of yore came back to the fore<- now did that just rhyme?

God bless Team India and us their devoted fans. Never in this world has a one sided relationship lasted so long and so strong