Monday, March 19


Obsession, fanatical following of a sport that’s just not a game, emotion about something that’s larger than the mundanities of middle class life…and passion. Of all the clichés about Indian cricket fans, the worst is the kind of shameful, and shameless, reactions that follow a loss. I don’t care how much the ‘team performance’ means to you (and I have my doubts about that anyway), and I couldn’t care less about how a win will elevate your otherwise boring or unfulfilling life (it does mine, too by the way)- but you do not have the right to behave like violent, mindless hooligans (video).
You call the loss pathetic? I think you’re pathetic.


Homer said...


I concur entirely with your sentiment about the over the top reactions by hooligans masquerading as fans.

Thanks also for the video link.

Funny thing this - a mob of 20 odd people kicking some loose bricks stacked up on the construction site, nary a crowbar or any other tools of destruction in sight- amounts to "destruction of the boundary walls".

Strong words by the news caster, no?

shakester said...

homer, I have thought and spoken much about this. New channels are prone to some hyperbole- some more so than others, but this, i think, is acceptable ( na dI am fairly sure I also read another report which said that the walls as well as pillars at the site were brought down, so it might not be an exaggeration at all).

either way, damn them (the mob)