Thursday, March 15


I find it quite hard to believe that this man, veritable royalty, was not invited to the Opening Ceremony in his homeland. Astonishing. Meanwhile, Andy Roberts, has a couple of blunt things for the Indians.

The man with an impassive face, gave a disturbing piece of news to the Indians: "Don't think the wickets here are going to be too slow, like the last time you guys visited," he said. But what he said just before he got up to leave was more disconcerting. "Enjoy it while it lasts guys, your team won't be here after the Super Eight gets over."

This whole pitch thing is quite interesting. There has been a fair bit of talk about the subcontinental teams feeling at home. Sure, the Caribbean pitches have slowed down considerably in recent years, but I still would nto liken them to subcontinental conditions. Moreover, there has been no reason to think that the relaid pitches - while not quite reverting to the hey days of quick tracks- will be slow or turning. If the first couple of games, especially the opening match are anything to go by, this won't be as much of a 'spinner' tournament as has been suggested.

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